Teresa GostanzaTeresa Gostanza is a Spanish surrealist artist, whose inspirational visionary art is at once timeless and yet timely in its portrayal of spiritual evolution. Teresa has shown her work internationally and nationally for many years.

She was born in Eberbach Germany, then lived and studied in Australia until the age of 19. Teresa has been always fascinated by dreams and loved to create worlds within worlds from a very young age, a dreamer of beauty. She was a fluid dreamer and astral traveled often, so reality as we know it was a bore to her.

She struggled with what she wanted to create versus the realistic art others thought she should create until the day she was introduced to Salvador Dali’s famous “The Persistence of Memory,” known as the melting clocks. The excitement of such imagery gave her permission to create her visions.

Some of her early works were influenced by her activist father, who took her to meetings as a very young child, where they spoke of the horrors of the world, wars, governments, injustices etc… During that time the images that most haunted her were the original clips from Hiroshima and Nagasaki victims, and world wars. Her imagery became macabre at times, concerned with nuclear wars and the pain inflicted on others for no logical reason (in her eyes). The sun from the world became dark for a time.

Teresa moved to Spain, where she met her husband and moved to England. There, she connected with Alastair Paterson, a gallery owner and water colour painter who taught her water colour landscape techniques and style, which brought her contracts and commissions for her paintings. She was then later contracted by The Causeway Galleries which further extended her visibility. After her 3-year stay she relocated to Colorado where she currently lives today.

In 2007 she took a break from the art world and began an inward journey culminating a deeper awakening. “To journey into the unknown of self and see the vastness in and out – there are no words to express this. The experience of infinite and what we really are is just mind boggling. How can I share this vastness in the three-dimensional world?”

“You can’t,” a friend shared. “You can only filter it through, but that vastness is there.”

After becoming a hypnotherapist, Reiki teacher, and healer, she has come full circle and has begun again with more focus and determination to share this knowing.

Teresa is a story teller. Through her visionary art, she shares her innermost secrets and wisdom as her works reach out to those who wish to seek hidden truths or mysteries that are hidden deep within themselves.

There is a different richness to the works of transmutation and energy. Teresa is deeply attuned to earth and the evolutionary process humanity is going through. Her recent dreams and visions show her light codes, language, and images which she is incorporating into some of her new works.

“I step out of the way for the information to pass through me and my paint brush. By following this guidance, much is being shed from my life in order to accomplish this. For me it’s a matter of just flowing and not questioning this process. To not hold on to the old that no longer resonates with oneself. To follow and be in the heart is the key to becoming infinite and experiencing our full potential as conscious humans.”

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